[bksvol-discuss] Re: Which books count toward the grant?

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Over the next three years, yes, but probably not in the near term. Our 
librarian is the person who determines which books we buy, and I'm not sure 
what her criteria are right now. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I just 
don't know!

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Hi, Carrie.
Is Bookshare going to be processing much more genre 
fiction in house now?
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>Hi gang,
>A volunteer asked which books qualify for the grant, so I 
>  thought maybe there are others who don't know about this either. This is a 
>  quick email to the group, so everyone knows which books count.
>  explain this by what's excluded, all books qualify, except romances, books 
>  that are adult content, and books that proselytize religion. Factual books 
>  about religion are fine, since they explain what it's about, but books that 
>  push agendas at you do not qualify. It doesn't matter where the book comes 
>  from - volunteers, outsourcers, publishers, or anywhere else. 
>  explain this by what's included, all kiddie books (including teen romances) 
>  are okay, most non-fiction is okay, "good" literature is okay, and finally, 
> at 
>  long last, a decision was made, and it was decided that genre fiction is 
> okay. 
>  So books that are mysteries, thrillers, Westerns, historical fiction, 
> science 
>  fiction, fantasies, and horror are okay too. But the minute you add romance 
> to 
>  any of the adult genre fiction books, the book doesn't count towards the 
>  grant.
>Of course, there will always be edge cases. We look at those 
>  books on a case-by-case basis, and sometimes ask the Bookshare librarian for 
> a 
>  decision. 
>I would encourage those people who are scanning and proofing 
>  romances to continue to do so. We at the office can't put any in, since all 
> of 
>  our time has to go towards fulfilling the grant. But there are lots and lots 
>  of people who like romance and want to see more of it in the collection. 
>  Please continue to put romances in! The Bookshare publisher liaison 
> mentioned 
>  that while most of the book markets dropped when the economy dropped, the 
>  romance market is continuing to climb. So there you are.
>  Carrie


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