[bksvol-discuss] Re: Where's Waldo? I mean Guido?

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Unfortunately I haven't been able to go to any  conferences this year
because of my work schedule as well as possible change of jobs.  But, Guido
is still travelling.  He should be terrorizing the good, hospitable folks in
Bermingham this week.  Those restaurants better watch out!


Pratik Patel
Managing Director
CUNYAssistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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I see from the posts that Peter and Pratick are back (from the conferences,
right?) -- or do I have my dates wrong? But we haven't seen Guido here in 
some time, and he hasn't answered the e-mails I sent him. I assumed he was
out of town (but never "out to lunch.")

Guido, are you o.K. ? Are you around? I need to know if you received the
front pages I sent you of The Last Coyote and whether or not you need 
anything else from the book -- whether I should return or renew it.

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