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Hi Jana:

Anyone who has "attempted" to read a book with 95% accuracy will tell you
that they shuttered  at the thought.

99% and above is reasonable. now of course there are exceptions, lots of
foreign words, slang, etc.
But usually 99% and above is what I shoot for.

-- rui
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> Hi, Mike!  Depending on how much work you want to do on the book, you
> always attempt to raise the quality a bit by correcting OCR errors as you
> encounter them.  Right now I'm validating a book that is in fair
> and once I'm done, I'll be able to upgrade the quality to good, although
> there are still some words missing from the text, as well as a few scannos
> that I couldn't figure out.  If you use K1000, you can run it through the
> ranked spelling feature to see what the percentage is for words spelled
> correctly.  Jesse says that a book is considered readable with a 95%
> accuracy.  Most of the volunteers would differ on that.  I would say that
> it's 97.5% or higher, you're probably okay.  Now that I have K1000, I try
> go for 99% or higher, but I think that's because the perfectionist spirit
> catching up with me. <Smile>  Hope this helps!
> Jana
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] When to Reject!!
> >
> > I am now validating a novel on which I have to decide whether the text
> > readable enough or not.  The book is all there, I can follow the story,
> > but there are a lot of words scrambled and missing.  Where does one draw
> > the line between accepting it as a fair book or canning it?
> > It has been sitting in the pool for a couple of months with no one
> > touching it.  The book is scanned by a frequent contributor though this
> > particular book doesn't come up to what has been done by this individual
> > in the past.
> >
> > I could easily return it to the pool; but this likely would place the
> > in limbo for who knows how long?
> >
> > So, how poor does fair text have to be to be bad text?
> >
> >

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