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Um, yeah, but if the admins say that it's got too many pages, it won't get
accepted.. and I am pretty sure that this scan is a better one then is
presently in the collection..
Thanks for being the I hate Word club, though-it really is one of the banes
of my existance sometimes!
I have played with this particular file and can actually get it down to 351
pages by increasing the page size in Word to 11 x 22, but I still can't wrap
my head around why it happened, and am honestly having daymares about it
happening again!  Kersi still says it's  353 pages, it's Word who doesn't
like it for some reason.
Cait, tottering off for some tea..or something
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If the number of pages stayed the same in Kurzweil when you converted to
RTF, I wouldn't do anything else. I'm like you, I hate word, and I have
never had a book rejected yet using Kurzweil. I'll admit that I don't look
at all my finished books, but the ones I check are fine. Jill 

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I just did a bso scan of the book Jumper.  For some reason, when I had it
open in K1000, it had 353 pages, everything was fine.  When I opened it in
Word, it had first, 440 pages, then when I tried it just now, after deleting
the first file and doing everything from scratch again, it has 550 pages!
Any ideas as to why this is happening, and how do I prevent it?   All I did
was convert from .kes to.rtf, I didn't add any page breaks, etc.  Everything
was fine until I opened it in Word.  The same exact file has 353 pages
according to K100, both as a .kes file, and as an .rtf..



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