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Does your RTF Word document have more pages or page breaks? The distinction might be important. If it's more pages, you could try changing your paper size, in Word, to Legal. This won't change the number of actual page breaks but it may change the number of "pages."

You do this by hitting the alt key and then going down until you get to "Page Setup." Hit the enter key and then control tab once to the paper menu. (I think that's what it's called.) Tab over until you get to paper size and select Legal. Then tab over until you get to where it asks you how much of the document you want to effect. You want to choose "whole document." Then tab until you get to either "ok" or "close." I don't remember how it's labeled.

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I just did a bso scan of the book Jumper.  For some reason, when I had it
open in K1000, it had 353 pages, everything was fine.  When I opened it in
Word, it had first, 440 pages, then when I tried it just now, after deleting
the first file and doing everything from scratch again, it has 550 pages!
Any ideas as to why this is happening, and how do I prevent it?   All I did
was convert from .kes to.rtf, I didn't add any page breaks, etc.  Everything
was fine until I opened it in Word.  The same exact file has 353 pages
according to K100, both as a .kes file, and as an .rtf..


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