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Only thing I can figure out to do is read through it in Word(gag!), and take
out the extra ones by hand.  No quick fix, unfortunately.  Funny thing is,
when I sent it to step one, I was certain that everything was fine.
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Ya that happened to me when I finished scanning a book.  I still have no
clue on how to fix it.  
I'm not a pessimist just an optimist for the worst 

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I just did a bso scan of the book Jumper.  For some reason, when I had it
open in K1000, it had 353 pages, everything was fine.  When I opened it in
Word, it had first, 440 pages, then when I tried it just now, after deleting
the first file and doing everything from scratch again, it has 550 pages!
Any ideas as to why this is happening, and how do I prevent it?   All I did
was convert from .kes to.rtf, I didn't add any page breaks, etc.  Everything
was fine until I opened it in Word.  The same exact file has 353 pages
according to K100, both as a .kes file, and as an .rtf..


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