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Hi, Jana,

    I've been waiting to see if some of the more experienced K1k users on the 
list would respond to your question, but perhaps everyone else is as puzzled as 
I am. I haven't run into this so far. Have you already installed both patches 
for Version 9? If so, maybe you should e-mail someone at Kurzweil. You may have 
discovered a bug that not too many people have run across yet.

Best wishes,

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  Hi, everyone!  I keep encountering something with K1000 Version 9 that drives 
me nuts.  When I try to correct a spelling error that has a capital I at the 
end, if it's a word that ends with an exclamation mark, K1000 doesn't seem to 
believe that I actually mean it.  It won't replace the word, and if I delete it 
and re-type it, I find that it often comes back to haunt me later.  It does 
this with several things, usually words that need to end with a punctuation 
mark.  What on earth can I do to fix this?!  I love K1000, but this is really 
annoying.  Thanks for any suggestions!


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