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Actually, I wrote the first part of my note because I had just seen a
message about a submitter who had already removed all the headers and page
numbers before submitting the book.  That struck me as undesirable.  And, by
the way, Ken is what I prefer.  Further, it really concerns me that page
numbers are being eliminated, if not in submission, then by the stripper.
Even if you read the entire book in a submission, you can't be sure some
pages are omitted.  Suppose, for example, that someone left out an entire
chapter.  You might not even know.

Beyond all this, though, is that most people who don't want to be bothered
by the headers or page numbers can remove them in short order themselves,
while those who would really like to have them can't possibly put them back
after the submitter, validator, or stripper have removed them.
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> I'm surprised at your question, Ken (or do you prefer
> Kenneth?), because I didn't think that page numbers
> were removed in advance. they're not supposed to be,
> as far as I know. Theoretically, having different page
> numbers on the same line as the header should prevent
> the that line from being deleted, because the header
> deleter is supposed to delete only things that are
> repeated, and the page numbers would be different. Of
> course, lots of times, because of thescanners (the
> machines, not the people), the headngs are different,
> too, which is why they aren't deleted and we have to
> delete them manually.
> But to answer your question, i.e., how can the
> validator tell if all the  pages are there, the answer
> would be, he/she has to read the book he/sheis
> validating. Or, and I've done this for a couple of
> books that I wasn't enjoying and really didn't want to
> read, one can check the last line of one page and the
> first line of the next and see if the latter logically
> follows the former.
> When I'm validating a book that is missing some (not
> usually all, and it occurs usually when the page
> numbers are at the bottom of the page) page numbers, I
> put them in. Then, after I've completed  the
> validation and done a spell check (and I've found some
> things I've missed in my reading--sometimes I see
> things I expect to see that aren't there, but maybe
> this doesn't occur with someone's who's listening to a
> book or reading it in Braille) I go through the page
> numbers. I've found that sometimes I've forgotten to
> put in a page number of have duplicated numbers -- not
> the pages themselves, but I've mis-numbered. I think
> this happens most when I've been so involved in
> reading that I've gone from one page to the next
> forgetting to put in the page number, or not thinking
> about which one it is.
> Sorry to have been so long-winded.
> Cindy
> -- "Kenneth A. Cross" <crossk@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > How in the world can a validator determine that a
> > book is complete if all
> > the page numbers are removed in advance?  Of course,
> > you can take the word
> > of the submitter, but, then, why not just have the
> > submitter approve it?
> > And I want to reiterate that anyone wishing to use a
> > book with a discussion
> > group including those with vision is much advantaged
> > by having access to
> > page numbers from the print book.  In fact, I am
> > about to submit a book on
> > the Bible by Isaac Asimov which is twelve hundred
> > thirty pages long and in
> > which he frequently refers to pages of the book
> > where the reader might want
> > to turn for clarification.  What will a reader do
> > with that book if all
> > numbers are stripped?
> >
> >
> >
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