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This book sounds fasacinating. Rarely do I read
summaries posted here, but the "based on a true
incident" caught my eye.'  I'll have to add this to my
list of books to read. If it's not validated by the
time I finish all the others on my list, I'll do it,
but I'm sure it will be.

The latter part of the story sounds like the story of
Jeremiah Johnson, a wonderful movie of a mountain
man--I think also based on a true person. He was also
deserted after an attack by two people left to watch
over him.


--- Pascha Lea <pascha2u@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi folks,
>   Just finished validating "The Revenant - A Novel
> of Revenge" by Michael Punke, for those who are
> interested.
>   Description:
>   From Publishers Weekly
> Based on a true incident of heroism in the history
> of the American West, this debut by a Washington,
> D.C., international trade attorney and former
> bureaucrat in the Clinton administration is an
> almost painfully gripping drama. A Philadelphia-born
> adventurer, frontiersman Hugh Glass goes to sea at
> age 16 and enjoys a charmed life, including several
> years under the flag of the pirate Jean Lafitte and
> almost a year as a prisoner of the Loup Pawnee
> Indians on the plains between the Platte and the
> Arkansas rivers. In 1822, at age 36, Glass escapes,
> finds his way to St. Louis and enters the employ of
> Capt. Andrew Henry, trapping along tributaries of
> the Missouri River. After surviving months of
> hardship and Indian attack, he falls victim to a
> grizzly bear. His throat nearly ripped out, scalp
> hanging loose and deep slashing wounds to his back,
> shoulder and thigh, Glass appears to be mortally
> wounded. Initially, Captain Henry refuses to abandon
> him and has him carried along the Grand
>   River.
>  Unfortunately, the terrain soon makes transporting
> Glass impossible. Even though his death seems
> certain, Henry details two men, a fugitive
> mercenary, John Fitzgerald, and young Jim Bridger
> (who lived to become a frontier hero) to stand watch
> and bury him. After several days, Fitzgerald sights
> hostile Indians. Taking Glass's rifle and tossing
> Bridger his knife, Fitzgerald flees with Bridger,
> leaving Glass. Enraged at being left alone and
> defenseless, Glass survives against all odds and
> embarks on a 3,000-mile-long vengeful pursuit of his
> ignominious betrayers. Told in simple expository
> language, this is a spellbinding tale of heroism and
> obsessive retribution.
> Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
>   Lea
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