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Hi Sarah and Everyone,

I actually have a macro that the folks at Corel helpped me write for WordPerfect 6.1 for DOS. It really works. It reformats the lines, and puts the paragraph breaks as a blank line between 2 paragraphs.

Anyone can have this file if they want it. It might help with other macros, I don't know, however it's anyone's for free. All ya got to do is ask for it and I'll email it to anyone who wants it. Perhaps it could be converted and used for another WordProcesser such as Word or whatever.

The file is called wconvert.zip.

I hope this file can be useful to anyone.


Pat Ferguson

At 03:06 PM 6/9/05, you wrote:
Anyone know how to grab a macro from Word on one computer and import it in to Word on another computer? I have an idea of how to accomplish the job, but it is a kind of weird way, and I entend this macro for distribution to anyone who might like to have it. It is a macro Kellie and I developed for cleaning up line break desasters in books. The method shouldn't be used on all books when they are formatted pretty well to begin with, but if the quantity of white space is making your editing job a night mare it sure can help.

I suppose I will eventually find the correct method for transfering macros, but if someone knows and wants to help me learn fast it would be appreciated.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Instructor

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    I'm validating a novel that has a paragraph mark at the end of every
line, even when there is no new paragraph.  Although this preserves the
number of words on each line in the original, it could result in a messy
document in other formats.  Should I take out those extra paragraph marks so
the text flows continuously until a true paragraph break?

    I'm new at validating, so please accept my apologies for bugging you
with questions while I learn how to do this.



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