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  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 07:06:32 -0500

Monica,  check if perhaps real paragraphs are denoted by two paragraph 
marks in sequence.  If that were the case,  do a mass replacement of 
paragraph marks pairs with a unique word.  Then do a mass deletion of all 
remaining paragraph marks.  Finally replace back the unique word with 
paragraph mark pairs.


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[bksvol-discuss] Validating and Paragraph Marks

âOCR puts those paragraph symbols in â
     Iâve seen lots of files like that. Sometimes a line by line match is 
important so it must be common for many OCRs. To get around the 
tediousness of not being able to do a global replace on them, sometimes 
itâs faster to go through the document and paste a unique word at every 
genuine paragraph break, then do a global replace to get rid of all 
paragraph marks. Finally, Iâll go back and replace my unique word with 
paragraph marks. 

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