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Hey Monica,

What is the manufacturer and model number of your laptop?  That may help us 
out, as power supplies definitely vary according to these specifications.  
Also, do you have a note taker such as a BrailleNote or PAC Mate?  If so, those 
will handle RTF files, have much longer battery life and are great for 
Bookshare validation.  I use my PM with FSEdit from time to time for this 

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  Hi, everyone. Do any of you who validate with a laptop have any gadgets you 
use for extending battery power during a very long road trip? Have you seen 
some sort of adapter that lets a laptop hook up to the cigarette lighter in a 
car to extend the battery life of the laptop? I'm going to be riding along for 
10 hours each way, and I'd like to use that time productively. I've found that 
my laptop battery lasts about 2 hours or so, depending on what I'm doing. That 
would mean I'd have 8 hours of time each way where I'm not doing much. I can 
read with my Book Port, of course, but I'd rather validate for Bookshare if I'm 
going to be reading anyway. I have my five books out for validation, and I have 
about 120 books I could prevalidate to get ready to submit to Bookshare. I can 
get a lot done with 20 hours of sitting time. So if you have any tips for 
working with a laptop on the road, will you please share them? You'll have my 
gratitude and will get to enjoy some new books when I get back. (smile)

Monica Willyard
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