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Hi, Nancy. Actually, as long as you're looking at the same edition you 
validated and can be sure of that, either through using the ISBN or an edition 
number, using Amazon is fine. You just want to make sure you're looking at the 
correct edition, since some books have more than one. Take care.
Julie Morales
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  Thanks for your assistance with this. Your advice helped a lot, and I'll be 
more careful next time.

  I actually looked it up on Amazon.com, which is probably not the approved 
method, so I'll use the site you provided from this point on.



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    Gustavo sometimes kicks back a book to the Step 1 page with a comment to 
verify the copyright information when he's approving books.  I can't tell if 
this is Gustavo's work or not, but it looks like it probably was.  It always 
helps Gustavo when he's approving books if you verify the copyright information 
and include that you have verified it in the comments when submitting or 
validating a book.  That way if he looks at the copyright and wonders if it's 
correct, then he can read in the comments that you've already verified that it 
is.  It doesn't hurt either if you mention how you verified the copyright 
either (i.e. having someone sighted check the book for you, verifying the 
copyright through the U.S. Copyright office's website...).

    If you are unfamiliar with the U.S. Copyright Office's website, you can 
find it at the following address: http://www.copyright.gov/records/cohm.html.  
It's a handy sight for checking copyright information.

    Now, as for how to fix the problem with this book, 

    - redownload the book if it's still on the Step 1 page
    - verify the copyright
    - include in the comments that you have verified the copyright along with 
information on the method you used to verify the copyright
    - reupload the file you uploaded yesterday, the one which includes any 
corrections you made during validation

    Good luck,


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    I validated a book yesterday, and saw it back in the pool today with the 
following comments.  Clearly, I made a mistake, but I thought I'd done 
everything.  The copyright information was on the book, etc.

    Could someone interpret the following for me?

    Comment History:

    Action: RETURNNEW

    Date: 2005-07-02 16:46:36-07

    User: a Bookshare.org Volunteer

    Please verify copyright holder.


    Action: DONEDONE

    Date: 2005-07-02 06:26:24-07

    User: a Bookshare.org Volunteer

    updated by ValidationTools.php


    Action: VALID

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