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So does that mean they will let you upload the validated file back in
.rtf then?


>That's exactly what I do. I only use Openbook to open the file and save it 
>as rtf. I do all my editing in K1000.
>And I also replace the single quotes to apostrophes and double quotes to 
>quotation mark.
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>> What you could do is just open the .ark file, save it as an .rtf file,
>> and then you could still do your editing in k1000. One thing I'd do
>> once you get it over to k1000, is do a search and replace for all of
>> the apostrophes and then all of the quotes. Because Open Book saves
>> quotes in this weird character so that if a person later chooses to
>> save the file in .txt format, the quotes don't save with it.
>> Pam
>>>Hello.  I have been reading the comments on the number of ARK books on the
>>>download list.  I have OpenBook 7.02, but have stayed so far with K1000
>>>because everyone says it is much easier.  I'd like to try an ARK file,
>>>since there are several that sound interesting.  Is there anything in
>>>particular I need to watch for.  I guess what I am asking is, what makes
>>>Kurzweil easier than OpenBook.  Any thoughts or comments before I tackle 
>>>next book?  Thanks.
>>>Mary Stephens
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