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At this point I think you've done everything you can
do. I'd just approve it and put a note in the long
synopsis (because the Comments do not go with the book
into the collection) that the problem exists despite
all you efforts to get rid of it. Whoever downloads it
from the collection probably will be glad to have it
anyway, and maybe they can get rid of the problem
before they read it.


--- Rose Combs <rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have tried searching for -/n and -/t and replacing
> with nothing but
> every time I get zero corrections are made, but I
> can still find this
> -/nl and I cannot get a rank spelling to work
> because so many word
> endings are floating around.  I am not into doing
> this all manually on a
> 900 page document, not even with tomorrow off.  
> Rose Combs
> rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx 
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> Thanks.  I did not intend to start out big , I did
> not know the file was
> going to be big, it turned out to be more than I'd
> bargained for but
> since I have it I might as well do it.  
> Thanks for the K1000 hints, I have used it most for
> reading and scanning
> and have not done a lot of the rank spelling or
> editing yet.  I have a
> feeling that is about to change.  Now, if it will
> quit locking up on me
> today.  
> Rose Combs
> rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx 
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> Hi Rose,
> Wow, you're brave to take on a gigantic project like
> this for your first
> validation effort. Your experience with medical
> terminology is a great
> asset
> for the Bookshare collection. Just make sure you do
> other more fun
> validations too so you don't get Bookshare burnout.
> <grin>
> Here are some instructions/suggestions for your
> situation.
> First, it may be that the tabs following the hyphens
> are throwing off
> Kurzweil's auto-correction feature. Try replacing
> hyphen followed by tab
> with just hyphen, then run the autocorrect again and
> see if it helps.
> The
> way to make a tab in the find/replace box is \t
> If that doesn't work, what you might want to do is
> replace hyphen
> followed
> by newline, or hyphen followed by tab newline,
> whichever is occurring,
> with
> nothing. To do this in Kurzweil all you have to know
> is that the way to
> make
> a tab in the find/replace dialogue is \t and the
> newline character is \n
> So to fix a hyphen followed by tab and linebreak you
> would hit ctrl-h to
> enter the find/replace box, then type -\t\n and put
> nothing in the
> replace
> with field. After you've done a mass f/r such as
> this, it's always good
> to
> check around and make sure it didn't have any
> unintended consequences.
> So I
> would save any other changes you made before
> starting this so you won't
> lose
> any other changes you may have made if something
> goes funky with the
> f/r.
> I'm sorry if this message is a bit scrambled, I've
> been dealing with a
> three-day-long migraine, and between that and the
> unfortunately not as
> effective as I'd like medicine I may not be running
> on all eight
> cyllinders.
> Kellie

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