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Hi, Rose. When you click on the download link for a book, try opening it in 
a new window, so you can just close that out and return to the downloads 
page if it's not something you want. You're probably one of the best ones to 
take that book, though, because of your profession, so good luck! Take care.
Julie Morales
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I took this book because of my job, figuring that I am at least familiar
with the medical terminology.  So far in about 50 pages I have not found
anything that would be a red flag.

I would have preferred something smaller, but after looking at about
five books and every time I tried to go back hearing that the page had
expired, and having to bounce all around the place I jumped.

It could have been worse!

Rose Combs

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This won't help with your choice of format, but --
once you click on a book, you'll get a lot of
information about it, including the quality rating.
You don't have to download a book at that point. you
can hit the Back button and go back to the download
page one. Some people think because it says something
like thank your fo downloading, that you have to. I
recommend that if you haven't validated before, you
choose a book you think you might like to read, but if
the book rating is Fair, don't take a chance (it might
just be fair because the scanner did't rate it and
left it to the automatic rater) but take one that is
rated at least good,and preferably excellent. yo'll
also see, in some cases, the name of the scanner, and
as one person suggested, take a book scanned by Jake
or Shelley or Grace or E -- there are probably others,
too -- Jim, maybe -- I just can't remember who scans
and who doesn't --Louise? Anyway take one that
probably won't need much work for your first endeavor,
if you can. Your first experience should be a pleasant
one and not a frustrating one.


-- Rose Combs <rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have been to the step one page often, just have
> not actually tried to
> download.  I just notice there are several word
> files that seem to be
> languishing, and a few kes files and a lot of Open
> book files is the
> reason I was wondering where it would be best to
> start.
> Rose Combs
> rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx
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> Hi Rose,
> As far as Software is concerned, you're in an ideal
> validating
> situation.
> <grin> My favorite way to edit on the computer is
> with Kurzweil, because
> I
> like its features and the way it works. I edit rtf,
> txt, and of course
> kes
> files in Kurzweil. Word also works well for
> validating books, but *not*
> txt
> files because it eats the pagebreaks. It's best to
> edit doc files in
> word,
> or at least convert them to rtf in Word if you want
> to edit them in
> Kurzweil.
> The thing to do is go to the volunteer home page and
> click on the link
> that
> says "Step 1, download." That page takes a little
> while to load, but
> then
> you'll see a list of the books awaiting validation.
> Find something that
> interests you and that you might want to read
> anyway. Click on the link
> for
> that book, which will bring up a page with the
> history of that
> book--when it
> was submitted, whether other people have been
> working on it before, etc.
> You
> might want to pick something of excellent quality
> for your first
> validation,
> just so you won't run into a bunch of issues.
> Download the book you
> chosen,
> unzip, and enjoy.
> And of course, don't hesitate to ask questions as
> needed.
> Kellie

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