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Hi, Rose. What program you use for editing might depend on what you're most 
familiar with. If you're comfortable with editing in Kurzweil, it works 
great and keeps page breaks. Just beware of the .txt files without page 
breaks, but now, you can automatically save them as .rtf, so that shouldn't 
be an issue any more, either, provided you convert to .rtf before beginning 
work on it. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I am considering validating books finally,  I do have some I want to
submit but I want to wait until I get my upgrade to K1000 because of
some table issues.

Anyway, to get started, I have K1000 9.02, Word 2002, and Dux bury 10.5.
I assume that the only file type I cannot consider is Open Book.

Where would I best start, with a KES file, or RTF, or maybe I should
tackle some of the word files?  The thing is, I want to do a good job
and so I would like something fairly short to start with, and I am
wondering what file type and which editing program would make the job
the easiest for me.  I also have a Braille note with 6.011 so, any
suggestions would be much appreciated.

I think once I get started it won't be as daunting as it seems now, but
at the moment it seems like a major undertaking, and scanning sounds
much easier, but, at the moment I don't have anything I want to scan.

Rose Combs

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Welcome, both as a volunteer and to the list.
> Merv Writes:
> can I just download a book and read and correct
> it, or how does that
> work?

Yes. (smile). Find a book on the list that you think
you'd like to read, download it, and correct it as you
go. If you pick one that's rated Excellent  or even,
possibly, good, there probably won't be many
corrections to make. The minimum to do is to make sure
 the copyright page is present, make sure there are
page breaks and that there are no missing pages ( by
checking page numbers or checking that the first line
on one page continues the last line on the preceding
page), and run a spell check. Many, if not most, of
us, at least on this list, prefer to do more, but that
isn't required. We read the books and correct as we

When you have finished the book you're working on, you
go to the Upload page and fill in the blanks,  then
hit accept.  BUT -- WARNING-- you do not have to
finish in the seven days allotted. When you download a
book, count six or seven days (no more than seven)
including that day and mark it on a calendar or note
it somewhere. If you haven't finished the book yet, go
to the Upload and Renew. (There are 3 choices --
Release, Renew and Accept).If you don't want to work
on that particular book either because it has too many
problems (in which case you can reject it) or because
you're not enjoying the book, you can Release it at
any time. The original that you downloaded, not the
copy that you've been fixing, is returned to the
download list.


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