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Hi Sue,

Well, a four minute timeout gives double the time for the page to load so 
that's from bad to better by 100%. The engineers are convinced that they have a 
good final solution available. It's just that it will take concentrated coding 
to implement it and there is no time on their collective schedules in the 
foreseeable future.


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Ah, for the good old days!  (smile)  It used to be fine to have 100 per page, 
Scott.  So are things going from bad to worse?  And wow!  A four-minute 
timeout?  It would take ages to go through the whole list.

Sue S.

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The short answer to why we have trouble when we try to show 100 records in the 
Checkout Queue is that it takes too long and the server shuts down the process. 
From one of Benetech's Engineers comes the following with more detail:

It turns out this is a known issue for many volunteer queues. The database
query that supplies the book lists is a downright beast, and taming it is
not possible in the short term. We have a new search engine that can be
used to update the volunteer queues, though that work has yet to be

Bottom-line: when a volunteer views the queues with 100 records to a page,
the query takes nearly 3 minutes. Unfortunately, there is a 2-minute
timeout on the server and the volunteers wait 2 minutes only to get an
error message.

So short-term workaround is to advise volunteers to use smaller page
sizes, like 25 or 50 records to a page.

A medium-term workaround is being worked on -- we are going to increase
the timeout value on the volunteer pages to 4 minutes.

The long-term fix is to switch to [a new search method but we] don't have any 
sense of when that will be put into place.

Scott Rains

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