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The few times this happened to me, it was actually the short synopsis that 
seemed to be the problem and not the long synopsis, so now, when I submit, 
I've gotten in the habit of pasting whatever I plan to put in the short 
synopsis into Word first and doing a word count. Others have said when they 
got an error because of the short synopsis, they were told what the error 
was but I wasn't, and like you, I looked all over that form to try to figure 
out what I'd done wrong. It never did tell me, but I think I tried 
everything else before I finally realized what it was. Take care.
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I am trying to submit a book, and keep getting the dreaded message:

Error: Some of the data you submitted was either missing or incorrect. 
Please fix the problems below and try again.

But does it tell me what data is missing or incorect?  If so, I cannot find 
that information.  I have typed everything very carefully, I took out the 
ISBN since I thought it was either wrong, not so actually, or formatted 
incorrectly; I tried it with and without the dashes before removing it.  I 
tried shortening the long synopsis, as I thought that might be causing a 
problem.  I am certain that all of the required fields are entered 
correctly.  But the point is, if I am wrong, where is the feedback to let me 
know what to fix?

Maybe I shall just keep books I scan to myself from now on.  I haven't 
submitted anything in quite a while, and had forgotten how unhelpful this 
form is.  Does anyone know where the feedback is about what I might be doing 
wrong?  The only time I ever saw a clear message about something wrong was 
when there was no file.  Other than that, nothing.

Any advice would be appreciated, but I don't need to go through this.  I do 
have a scanner, so I can scan anything I like when I want it, and I can 
still download books from Bookshare.  I can think of a lot of things I would 
rather do than try to puzzle out a problem because the people who designed 
the submission form didn't put in a mechanism for providing feedback when a 
field is filled out incorrectly.

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