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I used your method to clear out unwanted linebreaks which ought not to be there. You are correct saying they are annoying in braille. I do not think they bother the audio users. Thanks so much.

At 07:11 AM 5/29/2007, you wrote:
Cindy the curly arrows in Word are produced by pressing shift-enter. Word calls this a manual line break. Those, as far as I know, are ok to leave in.

The paragraph mark in Word is produced by pressing ctrl-enter. Word calls this a paragraph mark. Those are supposed to be at the end of paragraphs, before and after a page number, before and after a chapter heading, etc.

I think the issue here is when a book has one of those paragraph markers at the end of each line rather than the end of each paragraph. Think of a book page, and then think of a paragraph marker at the end of each line on the right of the book. That would not bother you and I to read, but apparently in Braille (and possibly when listening to Daisy, I don't know) it is a pain in the neck.

When I have validated a book that has those paragraph markers at the end of each line what I do is replace all ^p^p (two paragraph markers in a row, think of when we used to type on typewriters and at the end of a line we'd hit enter, and then at the end of a paragraph we'd hit enter enter to double space) with qqq. Then I replace all ^p with a space. Then I replace all qqq with a ^p (paragraph marker). That turns the end of line paragraph returns into a space and all double paragraph markers into a single paragraph marker. Sometimes I take out the copyright page and save it to a different file, then do this procedure, then paste the copyright page back in, so it is not all run together, if it is already pretty much properly formatted.

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