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Drat. neither of my library systems has  Susanna's Christmas wish, though
they have his books about  Hannah and or is it Ella, as well as some
I don't see it  on the checkout list. Maybe someone has already taken it
If no one has taken the cookbook  by the time I've what's in my pile and if
I can get the book from the library,  , I'll do it.

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> **
> I just wanted to let everyone know about two submissions I have on the
> checkout page waiting to be proofread. There's no hurry really, but I
> haven't had an active Bookshare subscription in about close to 2 years I
> think, so I do need the credits. That's the only reason I'm posting for
> this one book, because I could use the credit, but for the other, I scanned
> it specifically for someone who is a Bookshare member but not a volunteer
> and she wants to read the Bookshare copy, so I think she'd kind of like to
> see it as soon as it can be approved. <smile> The first is a cookbook that
> has been checked out and released several times but there shouldn't be
> anything wrong with the book. I read it completely through and edited
> everything I found that needed to be. Its info is below. The second is an
> Amish Christian fiction book that does have some German and Pennsylvania
> Dutch language in it, so whoever validates that one would want to be aware
> of that and not consider things scannos or something like that when that's
> really how they should be. Other than that, both books have been read
> completely through by me and shouldn't give anyone any trouble. The
> cookbook info is below:
> The $7 A Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook: 301 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes The
> Whole Family Will Love!
> Linda Johnson Larsen
> Brief Synopsis:
> Gone are the days of TV trays and microwaveable meals as more and more
> families choose to return to the dinner table.
> Long Synopsis:
> Gone are the days of TV trays and microwaveable meals as more and more
> families choose to return to the dinner table.  Yet as food costs continue
> to rise,
> and parents are always strapped for time, they need new ways to cook easy
> and affordable meals for their kids--and fast.  With this cookbook, families
> will find 301 great recipes that almost cook themselves, including Spicy
> Turkey Meatballs; Hearty Root Vegetable Soup; Pizza Fondue; Crock-Pot
> Fajitas;
> Black Bean Lasagna; and more.  This comprehensive, all-purpose cookbook is
> packed with simple instructions, nutritional information, and the amount of
> money needed for each recipe and makes preparing delicious, healthy, and
> cheap meals easier than ever before!
> Book Quality:
> Excellent
> Book Size:
> 332 Pages
> The info for the Amish fiction book is below. The synopsis I've included
> is what was on the book jacket and not what Bookshare's meta data picked
> out:
> Susanna's Christmas Wish
> Copyright © 2012 by Jerry S. Eicher Published by Harvest House
> ISBN 978-0-7369-5151-7
> Do Christmas Wishes Still Come True?
> Susanna Keim has married reliable Herman Wagler and finds herself at odds
> with her young husband. True to his strict upbringing, Herman will have
> nothing to do with the Christmas family get-togethers Susanna has always
> cherished. Susanna determines she will follow the godly ways of her faith
> and prove her love for Herman by accepting her husband's leading despite
> her sadness.
> Matthew Yoder, Susanna's old flame, shows up in the community the week
> before Thanksgiving. Susanna had refused to go with Matthew when he left
> the Amish world to go Englisha. Now his confessions about his past sins and
> his tales of the time he spent with Susanna threaten Susanna and Herman's
> hope for happiness.
> Susanna struggles to explain the mementos she gave Matthew after their
> engagement, which he still has in his possession. Herman wonders if his
> love is a poor substitute for what Susanna lost.
> Will Matthew's reappearance ruin Herman and Susanna's chances for the
> future? Can Susanna find peace in her heart before Christmas morning
> arrives? Will Herman perhaps make his own Christmas wish?
> --
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