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I just wanted to let everyone know about two submissions I have on the checkout 
page waiting to be proofread. There's no hurry really, but I haven't had an 
active Bookshare subscription in about close to 2 years I think, so I do need 
the credits. That's the only reason I'm posting for this one book, because I 
could use the credit, but for the other, I scanned it specifically for someone 
who is a Bookshare member but not a volunteer and she wants to read the 
Bookshare copy, so I think she'd kind of like to see it as soon as it can be 
approved. <smile> The first is a cookbook that has been checked out and 
released several times but there shouldn't be anything wrong with the book. I 
read it completely through and edited everything I found that needed to be. Its 
info is below. The second is an Amish Christian fiction book that does have 
some German and Pennsylvania Dutch language in it, so whoever validates that 
one would want to be aware of that and not consider things scannos or something 
like that when that's really how they should be. Other than that, both books 
have been read completely through by me and shouldn't give anyone any trouble. 
The cookbook info is below:
The $7 A Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook: 301 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes The Whole 
Family Will Love!
Linda Johnson Larsen
Brief Synopsis:
Gone are the days of TV trays and microwaveable meals as more and more families 
choose to return to the dinner table. 
Long Synopsis:
Gone are the days of TV trays and microwaveable meals as more and more families 
choose to return to the dinner table.  Yet as food costs continue to rise,
and parents are always strapped for time, they need new ways to cook easy and 
affordable meals for their kids--and fast.  With this cookbook, families
will find 301 great recipes that almost cook themselves, including Spicy Turkey 
Meatballs; Hearty Root Vegetable Soup; Pizza Fondue; Crock-Pot Fajitas;
Black Bean Lasagna; and more.  This comprehensive, all-purpose cookbook is 
packed with simple instructions, nutritional information, and the amount of
money needed for each recipe and makes preparing delicious, healthy, and cheap 
meals easier than ever before! 
Book Quality:
Book Size:
332 Pages
The info for the Amish fiction book is below. The synopsis I've included is 
what was on the book jacket and not what Bookshare's meta data picked out:
Susanna's Christmas Wish
Copyright © 2012 by Jerry S. Eicher Published by Harvest House
ISBN 978-0-7369-5151-7
Do Christmas Wishes Still Come True?

Susanna Keim has married reliable Herman Wagler and finds herself at odds with 
her young husband. True to his strict upbringing, Herman will have nothing to 
do with the Christmas family get-togethers Susanna has always cherished. 
Susanna determines she will follow the godly ways of her faith and prove her 
love for Herman by accepting her husband's leading despite her sadness.
Matthew Yoder, Susanna's old flame, shows up in the community the week before 
Thanksgiving. Susanna had refused to go with Matthew when he left the Amish 
world to go Englisha. Now his confessions about his past sins and his tales of 
the time he spent with Susanna threaten Susanna and Herman's hope for happiness.
Susanna struggles to explain the mementos she gave Matthew after their 
engagement, which he still has in his possession. Herman wonders if his love is 
a poor substitute for what Susanna lost.
Will Matthew's reappearance ruin Herman and Susanna's chances for the future? 
Can Susanna find peace in her heart before Christmas morning arrives? Will 
Herman perhaps make his own Christmas wish?

Julie Morales
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