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I suppose I should read through it first.  I've read and formatted the last 
chapter which was a #$*.  It had formatting which occasionally ran entries 
together.  Not fun, but necessary to do.  If I read through it, you can expect 
that stars will be by the page numbers that I think need your attention.
I'm cleaning up Parlor Games which is around 99.84 percent and Unfinished 
Tapestry which is in even better shape.  I've got 6 I want up before Christmas 
if I can get to it.
I've been a little lazy.
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  As it happens, Why We Love the Dogs we Do  is in the
  branch I'll be visiting tomorrow--depending on which
  edition you have, the LP or the regular. The regular
  had 308 pages (ISBN ISBN 0684839016 ) and the LP has
  536 (ISBN 0786215518). I can obtain the LP but not as


  --- Gary Petraccaro <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  > I'll be puting up two dog books within the next
  > couple of days.  One's "DAWGS!".  Short stories. 
  > Published in the 1920s, it reflects its times and
  > some of the stories are unpleasant.
  > Why We Love the Dogs We Do, written by a
  > psychologist, will need work from a sighted
  > volunteer.  It has several tables, 2 appendices, and
  > pages 160-169 will need work because they seem
  > somewhat graphical in nature or need to be
  > double-checked.
  > Thanks

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