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Hi, Sue. If the book is in .txt format, you can't change that. The only time 
you have to convert to RTF is if the book is in Kurzweil (.kes), OpenBook 
(.ark) or something like that, but text files have to stay text files. Take 
Julie Morales
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Hi Kenneth,

I have not converted this book, just downloaded and unzipped it.  It was
listed as a text file and I have not changed that.  It had an excellent
rating before download and as far as I can determine thus far the rating is
deserved...  The only thing is that I only see page numbers at the beginning
of each section, and these numbers agree with the Table of Contents in the

All that said, you have obviously done a great deal of work on it so I would
like your opinion on what I should do.  You have no doubt submitted other
books and would know if I should convert it to RTF, give it to a more
experienced validator to edit and insert pagination, or if the publishing
equipment at Bookshare will insert page numbers.

I am new at vallidating for Bookshare, but your book caught my interest.  So
please tell me what you would like done and I will not be offended.


Sue Stevens

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