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Good afternoon.

I've just put Mother Love, Deadly Love: The Susan Smith Murders by Andrea 
Peyser on step one for someone's validating pleasure. Kurzy gave a 99.75 
rating. Page breaks have been protected, and headers stripped. I didn't notice 
any particular pattern of scanning errors, and I corrected what errors I found. 
So, this should be an easy validation for someone.

If you have questions, contact:

Here's the synopsis:

Susan Smith, a lovely young mother, separated from the father of her two 
handsome boys found wandering, delirious, on a South Carolina road, claiming 
that her car has been stolen with her children still inside. She appears on 
television, hysterical, apparently hopeful that her beloved boys are still 


It was a story that had the entire nation glued to their television sets, 
praying for a happy endinc to this tragedy. For nine days the nation worried 
and wondered. For nine days, the police conducted two investigations-one that 
chased down leads from all parts of the country, and one that probed whether 
Susan Smith herself was guilty of an unspeakable crime. Then finally, with the 
eyes of the world turned toward tiny Union, South Carolina, the county sherif 
announced that Susan Smith had confessed to killing her own children.


Written by a journalist who has covered the heartbreaking saga from its 
beginning, here is the untold story of how an apparently loving mother could 
sacrifice the two most precious people in her life.


Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them 
the power of naming themselves.

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