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The dust jacket doesn't tell you, but there is quite a lot of humor in this as 
well as some far-out speculation.  In his Afterword, he calls it a 'frolic' of 
a book.  The writing style for Amanda is a bit unusual, but easy to fall into.  
I found myself sometimes thinking the way she talks on occasion in the last few 

There are a fair number of made up words, and some I thought were made up which 
weren't.  I didn't know when I first read it that feggs were a real food.  I 
thought it was just some weird scannoe until I checked the book, and even then 
I thought he had made up the word.  But I Googled the word, and they do exist.

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  This here benedryl sure is fun!  Keeps me from thinking, which is nice given 
my mind set.

  I have the book, and I'll reject it if I can.  Pushing that button gives me a 
sence of power and self worth found in few other places.

  Actually, looking forward to a good read.


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