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Ok, I tried what you suggested and microsoft informed me that there were no 
items to replace. So I'm either stuck putting in all the page breaks manually, 
or just rescanning the darned thing and resubmitting it. I guess I'll have to 
do that in any case since whoever has the task of valadating it won't be 
thrilled about putting in all the page breaks, and I think that's my job anyway 
as the submitter. Your thoughts?
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  Hi again.


  If you are familiar with Word, you may be able to use find-and-replace 
Control-H, to manually put in page breaks.  Check to see what occurs 
consistently before the page numbers, and I'm guessing it is a line break.  Try 
the following:


    1.. Control-H to engage find-and-replace 
    2.. In the find what field, type ^l1 Note that there is a karat symbol 
before the l 
    3.. In the replace field type, ^m1 note the karat symbol before the m 
    4.. Tab to replace all and press enter. 

  If this works, it should put page breaks in front of every page number that 
starts with a 1 such as 11-19 and 100-199.  Do the same thing replacing the 1 
with 2 and you get 20-29 and 200-299.  Continue with 3-9 and you should have 
all the page breaks, or at least most of them in.  


  The big catch here is whether there is a recognizable, consistent line break 
before each page number.  


  Good luck!



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