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  • From: "Monica Willyard" <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 23:19:15 -0400

Hi, Julia. I think I may know why Kurzweil isn't giving you a box to
choose your scanner. Kurzweil checks with Windows to see which scanner
drivers are loaded and checks to see if a scanner is attached to your
computer. So if Windows isn't finding your scanner, Kurzweil doesn't
give you a box to pick a scanner. Kurzweil tech support can help you
with specifics, and they help people like you everyday. Here's my
unofficial checklist that I use to help people troubleshoot scanning
issues. Maybe this will help you.

1. Make sure the scanner is plugged into an outlet if it uses
electricity. Some scanners don't, so skip this step if it doesn't
apply to your scanner. I know that sounds obvious. I've had a couple
of clients who thought it was plugged in, but the plug had come
halfway out of the outlet.

2. Many scanners have a lock on the back that holds the light bar in
place. It's usually a switch or level on the back or side. Make sure
this is set to the unlocked position.

3. Make sure the scanner is plugged into the USB port and make sure
that the USB cable is hooked up to the scanner.

4. Put the driver CD that came with your scanner into your computer's
CD drive and install the driver. If you can't find the CD, most
manufacturers offer driver downloads on their website. The driver is
very important, and skipping this step is where some people get into
trouble. If you are asked whether you want twain or wia, choose twain
since that is what works best with either Kurzweil or Openbook.

5. Once the driver is installed, restart your computer with the
scanner connected. Windows should detect it and ask if you want to
install it. This is a great sign, and you definitely want Windows to
set it up. Skip to step 7 if Windows has found your scanner. You're
almost done!

6. If Windows didn't find your scanner, press the Windows key to bring
up the start menu and then go to settings and then Control Panel.
Choose add/remove hardware, and follow the prompts to have Windows
look for new devices. If it still doesn't find the scanner, move the
USB cable to another USB port. Reboot and see if that makes a

8. Once Windows has found your scanner and has installed it, go into
Control Panel to the area that says "scanners and Cameras." This part
of Windows will let you do a test scan to make sure your scanner is
working. Just follow the prompts to do a full test.

9. Finally, load Kurzweil. Press alt t for settings and then press s
for the scanning settings. Tab over to where it refers to scanner
source. You should see your scanner there. Many drivers come with both
a twain and a wia driver. If you have the choice, use your arrow keys
and select the twain driver. Kurzweil likes those best and will do a
better job. Tab over to the ok button and press enter. Finally, press
alt t again and press v for save settings. Save your settings as
default so they'll load your scanner every time. You'll be ready to
roll! (smile)

I hope this helps you get things working again. If I have said
anything that contradicts Kurzweil tech support, please listen to
them. They're more experienced at troubleshooting than I am. This is
just my game plan when I work on someone's machine. I hope you'll be
back to scanning soon.

Monica Willyard
Visit my blog at http://www.scannersguild.com
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