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Dear Dilsia,

Please scan the workbook for Don't Sweat The Small Stuff. The quotes alone make 
the book more than worth reading, and I think its kind, encouraging, baby step 
approach is especially helpful for people in such deep holes they can't even 
imagine moving up and out even fractionally. The workbook provides a structured 
method for processing and internalizing the outlooks and techniques described 
in the book you've already scanned. Once both books are in the collection, 
there's a chance they will help someone in need who happens upon them. 

Always with love,


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  Dear friends of Bookshare.org:

  I wish to give thanks to the person which took my submission and compared it 
to the one in the collection. My book was accepted, Don't Sweat the Small 
Stuff...and it's all small stuff by Richard Carlson.

  Also I have the Workbook of Don't Sweat, would you like it scanned? It has 
multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks exercises, would it be useful 
for Web Braille and braille users?

  Many many thanks to you all and Happy Holidays!

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