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thanks fore clearing that up fore me.  Amber G.
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  Hi, Amber. Yes, that's fine. It's normal for books to have the title or 
author's name on the top of each page. That's called a header. We often go back 
and delete the name that is at the top of each page. We leave the page number 
there but take out the title or name that repeats on every page. You don't have 
to do this in order for your books to be accepted though. I do it because I 
want to focus on the book without hearing the author's name on each new page. 
This is a matter of preference though, and I want to make sure everybody knows 
that. (smile)

  Monica Willyard

  Amber wrote: 
    I have a question.  if a book just says the authors name at the start of 
every page as I scan is that acceptable?   Amber.  G. 

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