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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 13:31:25 -0700

Right, I should have said "punctuation", not just apostrophes.


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  Bud, the name of the file and the title of the book do not necessarily 
have to be the same.  For example, when I submitted a BSO copy of The Book 
of Lost Tales Part One: (The History of Middle-earth Volume One), I put that 
into the title field.  But the actual file name of the file I submitted on 
my hard drive was bolt1.rtf.  (I do use long file names, but I started using 
computers back in the DOS days and still revert to short ones without 
thinking sometimes.)  It really doesn't matter what the file name is, so 
long as it doesn't have apostrophes, and there isn't already one with the 
same name on Bookshare.  The title of the book is supposed to go in the 
title field just as it is written.  Besides, Bookshare will give the book a 
file name more similar to the title when it gets into the collection.  When 
I download the Braille copy of the book I submitted, it has a file name of 


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when uploading a book.

    I thought the name of the file was the title of the book. At least where 
it asks for the title I always put the book title just as it is written.  Am 
I doing something wrong


    At 08:50 AM 7/9/2007, you wrote:

      No, the title can have punctuation.  It's the name of the file that's 
being uploaded that can't have any punctuation or special characters in it. 
A filename like "Witch's Curse" won't work but "Witchs Curse" will.

      Good luck!  Carrie

      Bud Schwab <budschwab@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Jim,  I've found that sometimes if there is any punctuation in the 
author's title that will be enough to have it kicked back.  You might check 
that out.  good luck. I know it can be frustrating, I've been there also.


        At 12:25 AM 7/9/2007, you wrote:

          I have checked all boxes and filled in the synopsis and it still 
says I have an error. The author, copyright date are there and all, so why 
won't it let me submit it? Frustrated.

          Jim Rawls

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