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Thank you for the changes, and more importantly the information on what you did, so when submitting tips we can get them to look as intended. :-)

I think I caused some of the mess when I submitted my scanning with Kurzweil tip. The title clearly says what the tip is for, but I didn't know what to do about the tip actually being relevant to all versions of Kurzweil. Sorry about that. How should I deal with that in the future if I have a tip that fits in more than one category, but not in all?

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer
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Hi all,
I had a little free time today and so I made a minor upgrade to the tips area.

A. I was using pre tags and displaying the submitted tip just as the submitter entered it. Therefore a paragraph was considered a single line visually, not to a screen reader. So sighted users would have to scroll horizontally, something that is very unappealing. I now interpret single line breaks as br tags and two line breaks as p tags. So double line breaks makes a new "paragraph" whereas a single line break just forces the text to the next line.

B. The application/version was being run together. I had a space separating the two variables that hold that data in the code and it should have been displayed correctly, but for some reason it wasn't. So I added a dash in between the two to force a separation. Screen reader users should no longer hear Kurzweil100010 *grin*

There are a couple of tips that are in the wrong application category on the website. I'll fix that sometime. It will require me to manually edit the database as I didn't code a web based way to do it.



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