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Dear Jamie,

Your explanation for protecting chapter headings and changing section to page 
breaks is so clear and concise it could be cut and pasted exactly as you wrote 
it and added to the manual. Very nice job of making validating easier for a new 

Always with love,

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  Actually, E. I found nothing in the volunteer manual about turning section 
breaks into page breaks and nothing in the volunteer manual about protecting 
chapter headings.

  So, Kelby, the answer to those two questions are:

  If pages have page numbers at the top, you don't need to protect the chapter 
headings because the page numbers will do that. Just make sure you put a blank 
line before and after the page number. If the pages have numbers at the bottom, 
you do need to protect chapter headings. You can do this by putting the word 
chapter on a line by itself above the chapter heading. There are other ways to 
do it, but that's what I do, unless I move the page numbers all to the top of 
the page.

  To turn section breaks into page breaks in Word press Control-H for the find 
and replace box. Then type ^b (which is carat b or shift-6 b it must be a 
lowercase b), tab and type ^p^m^p (carat p carat m carat p with no spaces) and 
press alt-a to replace them all. 

  Hope that helps!

  Jamie in Michigan 
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