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Well-put, Monica! Nicely done!


-- On Sat, 7/5/08, Monica Willyard <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Monica Willyard <rhyami@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Tips For New Submitters
> To: "Bookshare Volunteers" <bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Saturday, July 5, 2008, 9:23 AM
> Hi, everyone.  We have some awesome new volunteers, and I
> thought I'd 
> post this to let people know how they can get their book
> submissions 
> processed
> more quickly.  Also, if you have a friend who isn't on
> this list and who 
> scans books, would you please send this along?  It will
> help
> your friend and us as a community too.
> Fast-tracking your book submission is pretty easy.  Here
> are five tips, 
> any of which will help to speed up the approval time for
> your book.  Doo 
> all five and
> you'll race through like a Nascar driver.  (grin)  If
> you have questions 
> about how to do any of this, please either ask on the lists
> or write to 
> Bookshare. You can also email me directly at
> rhyami@xxxxxxxxx if you're 
> not part of the Bookshare lists.  I'm not a staff
> member.  I'm a 
> volunteer who has been around on Bookshare for over 2
> years.
> 1. Before you submit your book, take a few minutes to make
> sure all the 
> pages are there and that there is a copyright notice in the
> book.  This 
> step is the most important because this is where roughly
> half of the 
> books that are rejected fall down.  So if you ace this one,
> you're way 
> ahead of the pack.
> 2. Submit your book in rtf format.  If you do this, your
> books will have 
> the best chance of finding an interested validater who has
> the ability 
> to open
> your file.  If you submit a book in ark, wyn, or kes
> formats, only some 
> of our volunteers have software that can handle these
> files.  Almost 
> every volunteer
> can handle rtf, and there are well over a hundred active
> volunteers. 
>  Openbook, Kurzweil, and Wyn Wizard can all save scans as
> rtf files.  
> Just scan your book as usual and then save it as rtf once
> you've 
> finished scanning.
> 3. Include at least a short synopsis when you upload your
> book. 
>  Volunteers are just like anyone else.  We want to know
> what a book is 
> about before we
> decide to dedicate our time to processing it.  You
> don't have to be 
> fancy.  Just tell us a little bit about the book to capture
> our attention.
> 4. Consider putting either your email address or some other
> contact info 
> such as which Bookshare list people can find you on in the
> comments 
> section of
> the upload form.  This is only visible to volunteers and
> the site 
> administrator and won't be made public when your book
> is added to the 
> Bookshare collection.
>  Why should you do this?  Sometimes books are rejected for
> simple things 
> like 1 missing page, a missing copyright date, or confusion
> over the 
> correct title
> of the book.  If the person working on your book can
> contact you, he/she 
> can resolve the problem quickly and get your book into the
> system.  No 
> dreary
> rejection notices and resubmissions.  (smile)  If we
> can't contact you, 
> we have to reject books with missing pages.  We don't
> like rejecting 
> books and do all we can to make sure every book is
> approved.
> 5. Send a post about your book submission to the Bookshare
> Volunteers 
> mailing list.  People don't always check the website
> for new books each 
> day, but
> an email from you will interest at least one person from
> the list.  As 
> you make friends and build up a reputation for submitting
> good books, 
> people will
> begin to look out for your work and will help you get your
> book approved 
> even if it's not necessarily their normal genre of
> reading material. 
>  We're a
> community of people who help each other and work as a big
> family.  We do 
> care about your success as a submitter, and it makes
> Bookshare a better 
> place since we work as a team.
> So make sure your book is complete, submit in rtf, give us
> a synopsis, 
> provide some contact info, and speak up when you've got
> a new book 
> posted to the system.  If you do this, your book will be on
> the fast 
> track for approval, and you'll see it in the Bookshare
> collection soon.  
> If you need help with any of this, there are a lot of
> people ready and 
> willing to help you.  Thanks for your time reading this and
> for your 
> time scanning books for us.
> -- 
> Monica Willyard
> Follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/plumlipstick
> Visit my blog at http://www.scannersguild.com

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