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Well, when you have several hours on a plane to kill, NorthWest Airlines no 
longer offers in flight movies, or radio programs just so you know, smile.

You get a lot of editing done.

Submitted the following three books today.

Primates  (World of Animals: mammals Vol 4)

This is very similar to the two volumes we have on the site, and is the 
forth in the fifty volume book set.  Is one of the better book series on the 
topic.  has been edited.

Beginner's Guide to Candlemaking

Really short book on candlemaking with good step by step directions, 
precautions and ideas for decorative candles.

The Complete Standard poodle

this dog is becoming quite the prominent guide dog breed, so wanted to make 
a book avialbe on it.

This book focuses exclusively on the Standard poodle, and talks about the 
trims, colors, history, and care of this dog, plus a large variety of jobs 
that they are trained for today.  I marked it good because there are three 
or four pages where there was a picture caption right next to the text and 
even though I had recognize columsn on, it didn't recognize them.  I tried 
with columns off, and it was worse.  I am not that a dedicated prevalidator, 
and ran out of patience, smile.  So I left them.  Beyond that, the book is 
perfect as I could make it, and very informative.

I got to touch my first poodle guide at the reunion, and a real neat coat 
type.  felt softer but very similar to sheered sheep wool.

So happy validating, plenty more where that comes from, smile.

Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Alumni Association Board

Dog ownership is like a rainbow.
 Puppies are the joy at one end.
 Old dogs are the treasure at the other.
Carolyn Alexander

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