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I am trying to fill out the author, Joy Adamson, I have three of her books
to submit today, we have two of her books in the collection and one awaiting
administrative approval.  A huge thanks to Cindy to help with these, my
copies were so badly yellowed that even the text wasn't coming out properly.
And the picture descriptions are wonderful!

So for your validating pleasure see the following.

Friends from the Forest
By Joy Adamson

From the Book Jacket:
Foreword by Juliette Huxley
In these two animal studies we have a last, touching testimony of Joy
Adamson's gift for eliciting trust from creatures of the wild. The home of
her later years, Elsamere, is a bungalow set on large wooded grounds
bordering on the remnants of wild forest.  To Joy's delight, two fascinating
sets of visitors settled near Elsamere: picturesque Colobus monkeys, with
their marvelously expressive faces, and a family of Verreaux's eagle owls,
the third largest owl in the world and the largest in Africa, with a
wingspan of twenty-three inches.

Joy quickly established friendly contact with these animals, observing them
in their little-known habits and, when tragedy or mishap befell them,
ministering to their needs and helping them to survive. She writes about
them with a warmth of empathy uniquely her own: "When I felt the soft
fingers of the Colobus touching my hands as trustingly as ever, I was
overpowered by happiness." Or: "She was in every sense a wild owl. I had no
intention of taming her, thoughgradually a bond developed between us and she
seemed to trust me completely." In her devotion to wildlife, her patience
and accuracy in observing and recording it, Joy Adamson notably bridged the
gap between man and nature.
Juliette Huxley, who knew Joy from repeated visits with her, contributes an
illuminating sketch of her personality.
With eight pages of photographs

JOY ADAMSON was an extraordinary woman by any yardstick: a painter of flora
and fauna, a portraitist of Kenyan tribesmen (her paintings of them today
hang in the Kenya State House), a skillful photographer, a matchless animal
observer, a best-selling author, and the founder and mainstay of the Elsa
Wild Animal Appeal, a wildlife-preservation organization for which she
lectured all over the world.

Born and educated in Austria, Joy first went to Kenya at the age of
twenty-two. Responding with enthusiasm to its nature and culture, she made
it her permanent home, marrying the then Senior Game Warden of the Northern
Frontier District in Africa, George Adamson. On numerous safaris she
collected extensive ethnographic, botanic, entomologic, and anthropologic
material for the Coryndon Museum.

When the first volume of her celebrated animal studies, Born Free, was
published in 1960 she was rewarded-and burdened-by instant international
fame. Living Free and Forever Free continued the story of the lioness Elsa
and her cubs. In The Spotted Sphinx and Pippa's Challenge, she described her
work with another of the great African cats, thecheetah. In 1978 she
published her autobiography, The Searching Spirit, and ten days before she
was found murdered in the bush, in January 1979, she delivered the final
text for Queen of Shaba, the story of an African leopard.

By Joy Adamson

Cindy put in Picture Descriptions

Chronicles Elsa's Life with the Adamsons and her release back into the wild
for younger readers

Elsa and Her Cubs
By Joy Adamson

Cindy also helped with this one
Tells the story of Elsa's three cubs from when the Adamson's First meet them
to the day they are released in the Sarangetti.

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and Judson, guiding golden
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