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These are all by JoAnn Ross, HOMEPLACE FARHARBOR is a series dealing with two 
sisters, in the first one, homeplace Raine is a lawyer on her way up the ladder 
but comes back home and falls in love with the Sheriff, Jack. i THINK this is a 
clean scan cleaned up errors as I read and all headers have been removed. 
Here's the info on the second one farharbor. 
One of the best storytellers the genre has produced" (Amazon.com), creates 
characters so vibrant and funny they're irresistible. Now she triumphs again 
with a remarkably intimate tale that illuminates the ardent emotions of a woman 
coming to terms with her life-and with her heart.

After her seemingly idyllic marriage turns out to be . -, a pretty illusion, 
Savannah Townsend returns to

her hometown of Coldwater Cove, Washington. Determined to live life on her own 
terms, she takes on the task of restoring the local lighthouse and making it 
the cozy inn she had always dreamed of. But she hasn't anticipated opposition 
from the lighthouse's owner, her grandmother's disturbing memory losses, or the 
problems of an emotionally wounded teenage girl. Most of all, she hasn't 
planned on having feelings for Daniel O'Halloran, a caring and passionate man 
from her past.

As affection moves to attraction and then to something far deeper, Savannah 
learns that in life nothing worth having comes easily. She also discovers that 
some dreams really are forever.

A novel of uncommon grace and power, is at once a poignant love story and an 
emotion-packed account

of one woman's journey home. Magnolia Moon is a third book in a series about 
three brothers who fall in love, hopefully will get books 1 and 2. 

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