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Hi again.

My final submission of the evening is Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper. As usual, 
it's in .rtf format, and scanned very well. The synopsis is below.

Are you a fan of women's music? If so, and you're interested in hearing the 
latest edition of "The Eclectic Collection: A Celebration of Women In 
Music", feel free to send a message to:

Drawing on the wellspring of tales such as "Sleeping Beauty," is a moving 
novel of love and loss, hope and despair, magic and nature. Set in a place 
both enchanted and frightening, the story begins with a wicked aunt's curse 
that will afflict a young woman named Beauty on her sixteenth birthday. 
Though Beauty is able to sidestep tragedy, she soon finds herself embarked 
on an adventure of vast consequences. For it becomes clear that the 
enchanted places of this fantastical world-a place not unlike our own-are in 
danger and must be saved before it is too late.

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