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Hey am just glad that it got done!  And repaired!

Smile.  It would be horrible if Bookshare office came to a halt, smile.

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Hi gang,

Claire is picking the Bookshare scanner now, and in an hour, it'll be back 
in the office and humming along nicely (I hope!).  The reason I'm writing is 
that we have over a hundred books backlogged for it.  There are dozens of 
new and BSO sci-fi books, dozens of classical music books, and hundreds of 
romance books chopped and waiting to be scanned. And the September 
bestsellers are trickling in already.  And yesterday a donation of 2 dozen 
religious books came in.  ACK!!

At this point, the bestsellers are top priority, then the sci-fi and music 
books, then the religious and romance books.  This email is a plea for 
patience, since I know some of you are anxiously waiting for various books. 
We can process only so fast and it'll take us several weeks (maybe a month?) 
to get out from under the backlog.

Thanks for your continued patience!  Carrie

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