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I'm looking forward to finding out what Kurzweil will be coming up with
this year for new features.  I think one of the best things about last
year's new things was the major improvements in the spell checker!  It's
made it so much easier to edit the text. Hope to see some of you guys in
Louisville soon!
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Oh, Jake, I feel your pain! *grin* I love Kurzweil and can only imagine
what you're having to endure! *smile* Seriously, though, you're not the
first one I've heard talk about OpenBook in this way and it is a shame
they won't improve their product, but then, that just means more people
in favor of Kurzweil, huh? Yeah! *smile* Take care.
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Please stop the onslaught! I've wanted K1K since last year when I was
working to get new software from the state. Instead of listening to me
however they purchased OpenBook. Currently I'm attempting to get them to
let me trade in my OB for a copy of Kurzweil.
OpenBooks scans aren't actually bad, but that shouldn't be surprising
since the main engine is Fine Reader. It lacks greatly in updates and in
*many* features that Kurzweil has, some small, some big. Some of them I
would think would be easy to code, but Freedom Scientific seems to be
content to chug along with what the program has in place already. For
goodness sakes they could update the Microsoft Common Dialogue controls
so the Open, Save, etc. dialogues work fully in a Windows XP
So just so you know everytime someone mentions a K1K feature I'm
drueling in envy.

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