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Hi Sue and everyone!

Below is some information on The Spire, by Richard North Patterson. This
book is also available in hardcover, although the info I'm posting refers to
the paperback edition which is coming out in April 2010. Sounds like a good

Block quote
The Spire
 by Richard North Patterson
 Mass Market Paperback 

This item will be available on Apr 27, 2010.  

ISBN-13: 9780312946395

Pub. Date: 04/27/2010


Both a razor-sharp thriller and a poignant love story, this twisting tale of
psychological suspense is Patterson?s most compelling novel in years

Mark Darrow grew up in a small Ohio town with no real advantages beyond his
intelligence and athletic ability. But thanks to the intervention of Lionel
Farr?a professor at Caldwell, the local college?Darrow became an excellent
student and, later, a superb trial lawyer. Now Farr asks his still-youthful
protégé for a life-altering favor. An embezzlement scandal has threatened
Caldwell?s very existence?would Darrow consider becoming its new president?

Darrow accepts, but returning to his alma mater opens old wounds. Sixteen
years ago, on the night of his greatest triumph as Caldwell?s star
quarterback, he discovered the body of a black female student named Angela
Hall at the base of the Spire, the bell tower that dominates the leafy
campus. His best friend, Steve Tillman, was charged with Angela?s murder and
ultimately sent to prison for life. But now, even as Darrow begins the
daunting task of leading Caldwell, he discovers that the case against his
friend left crucial questions unanswered. Despite his new obligations?and
his deepening attachment to Farr?s beautiful though troubled daughter?Darrow
begins his own inquiry into the murder. Soon he becomes convinced that
Angela?s killer is still at large, but only when another mysterious death
occurs does he understand that his own life is at risk.

(Publishers Weekly)

This thoughtful if less than suspenseful thriller from bestseller Patterson
(Eclipse) charts the impact of the brutal murder of black coed Angela Hall
at Caldwell College in Wayne, Ohio, on gifted athlete Mark Darrow, who
discovered the body and later became a nationally renowned lawyer. Mark's
best friend was convicted of the crime, but many aspects of the trial
troubled Mark. Lionel Farr, Caldwell's provost and Mark's former mentor,
offers Mark the post of college president 16 years after Angela's murder.
Mark agrees to return to Caldwell, now struggling with the suspected
embezzlement of $900,000 from its endowment by its current president. With
Lionel's support, Mark investigates both the embezzlement and the old
murder. Patterson evokes the quiet schism between town and gown in Wayne as
well as the fragile relationship between blacks and whites, while Mark's
probing hits exposed nerves with fatal results. (Sept.)

(Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All
rights reserved.) 
Block quote end




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