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Hello again, 

I haven't received any credits over the last week or so, so I am gathering
it is still in the queue. 

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That was back in January. I can not find it in the collection or in the 
step 1 download page or in the waiting approval list and it is still on the 
wish list. Did you get an accepted  or rejected notice? If you have the 
original scanned copy perhaps you should submit it again. If not would you 
object to my scanning and submitting it?

Jim P

At 10:31 AM 8/20/05, you wrote:

>I submitted The Right Stuff on 1/10/05.
>Jim B
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>>         Hi,
>>I have a copy of The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe.  I seem to recall someone 
>>on the list saying they were scanning or going to scan it. I can not find 
>>it on any of the three Bookshare lists. If anyone has scanned or is 
>>scanning it, please let me know. If I do not hear I will scan it in the 
>>next week.

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