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As of last night I was a bit worried about another jiffy proofer showing up. My submission of The Opening Guns of World War III had sat there for about two months and had only been checked out and quickly released once until yesterday when it was checked out and submitted in about twenty minutes. However, I did take a look to see if the proofer left any comments and, indeed, there were comments. The comments indicated that there were no glaring problems except that there needed to be some formatting work which had been done and that jibed with the way I submitted it, so I suppose that at least a spell check had been done and the formatting had been taken care of, so I don't think it counts as a jiffy proofing even if it was not meticulously read through.

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Hey, Sue, can you write Carrie and tell her to be on the lookout for a
jiffy proofreader (shudder) who gives conscientious painstaking sorts a
rotten name? Regards, Kim (deranged and picky-type proofreader).
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Hi Melissa,

Someone elsegrabbed The Peacemaker, so no, I didn't get to proof it.
Someone who calls themselves saddlebred grabbed it.  I downloaded it
from the collection andit still had the running headers in it.  So since
it got in the collection so quickly I'm betting on a jiffy proofer.  I
know I couldn't have proofed it that quickly.

Sue S.

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