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  • Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 12:49:08 -0700 (PDT)

Hmmm. The book I have coming--it's in transit--has 304
pages, was published in 1983 and is 22 cm. The size
often makes a difference in the pagination, as does
the size of the print.

What we may have to do, Sue, is that you give me the
chapter and a few lines before and after the missing
page and then I can give you the inbetween text as
your page 229. 

Julie, relax and enjoy your visit with your dad. Sue
and I will get the book fixed. Sue said it was a good
scan other than the missing page.


--- siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Jamie,
> You sure know a lot about Word.  I did what you
> said, and Word said the item 
> could not be found.  And there is a note from Julia
> that says she only has 
> 181 pages.  I have 350.  So Word is up to its old
> tricks I guess.  Thanks so 
> much.
> Sue S.
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> Sue, if you want to check to be sure you have the
> right kind of page breaks 
> and not soft page breaks, try this:
> Ctrl-H for find and replace
> In the first box type ^m
> tab and in the second box type xqxqxq (something
> that would not be in any 
> book I'm sure)
> then Alt-a for replace all
> if it says you replaced a couple hundred, then you
> know you had the right 
> page breaks.
> Then just Alt-E for the edit menu and U for undo the
> replace all. Your page 
> breaks will be back.
> If it says it couldn't find any to replace, then you
> have no page breaks 
> that will be recognizable.
> Jamie in Michigan
> Currently Reading - Foul Play - Tori Carrington
> If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just
> can't find it anywhere else, 
> find it at eBay! 

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