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Hi.  I think the k1000 settings out of the box should work well with the 
plustek.  You'll probably want to choose the Wia scanner source rather than 
Twain because you can cancel scanns using Wia.  You won't be able to use dpi400 
or higher using Wia but that's a small trade-off.  If you have trouble, e-mail 
me at 
and I'll send you a file of steps I got from Nick Dodson.

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  Hi, all.

  I bought myself an Opticbook as a solstice present. I got it yesterday, and 
am loving it. I'm wondering though, if any of you have specific tips for using 
it with k-1000. Maybe there are settings that need to be changed to accommodate 
this particular scanner. So far, things seem to be going quite well, but I 
figured I'd ask, since I know a number of you use this scanner, and I want my 
submissions to be as high quality as possible.

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