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  • From: "Shelley L. Rhodes" <juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:36:46 -0500

I wanted to write and say

Speckled Monster and The Hot Zone arrived in my library and I picked them up 
for scanning.

It is going to be really cold this weekend so I am thinking of staying 
indoors and working on books and staying snuggled up with the dog and a big 
mug of Hot Cocoa, smile.  Weather people say -18 degrees for tonight is the 
wind-chill.  and tomorrow it may be like 9 above, with a nasty wind-chill.

But wanted to let you know will start them tomorrow.

Also picked up

Metro Dog: Raising A dog in the City
Lighthouse Ghosts and Legends
Complete Idiots Guide to Meeting and Event Planning
Complete Idiots Guide to Digital Photography

Yes I know the last one is well not exactly blindness material, smile.  But 
as I am the technical person in my family, smile, I needed to know to use 
the digital camera and I suspect that I am not the only one, smile.

Still awaiting

The Prestige
Lighthouse Encyclopedia

Which are still on hold and "in transit" from my library here in revere

Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Alumni Association Board

Dog ownership is like a rainbow.
 Puppies are the joy at one end.
 Old dogs are the treasure at the other.
Carolyn Alexander

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