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I agree

Wish List (i.e., books wanted added to the collection) and books-being-scanned 
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Wish List: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/BSO/Bookshare+Wish+List

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> Actually, I am coming to doubt the
> necessity of the hold system at all. As I understand it,
> before I came to Bookshare, there was no limit on the number
> of books that one might have checked out. That was changed
> because it was being abused. That is, someone would check
> out books and hold them for very long periods of time
> running into years. Okay, a limit of five was established,
> but what good does that do if the same books that used to be
> hoarded in one's checkout pile was then hoarded in the open
> on the public checkout list? The only difference I see is
> that they were then in the way when someone was looking for
> something to proofread and had to skim through pages of
> holds to find one. On the other hand, though, I do see some
> reasons that it might be good to hold a book for someone.
> Back in August of 2008 I had almost finished proofing a
> certain book into which I had put quite a bit of work and I
> had a hard drive crash and was out of commission for a
> while. I contacted Cindy and asked her to grab that book
> when it expired and save it for me, but I think she
> contacted Carrie to ask that a hold be put on it for me.
> That was a case in which I was glad I could get one held for
> me. Another case of a legitimate hold is the case of Carrie
> having to return a book to the checkout list for some minor
> correction. It is only fair that the proofer who had just
> worked on it get a chance to correct it, but all too often
> those proofers never bother to pick it up again and it just
> sits there with a hold on it. With exceptions like I just
> mentioned you would only find an occasional hold on the
> checkout list and then only for a little while. As things
> stand, though, it seems to me that the abuse that the
> limitation on the number of books one may have checked out
> was not solved, but just made more public.
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> Yeah all the neat books have a name on them and some have
> been there practically a month and some much longer.
> I realize people have a say on their books which is
> wonderful, some people have tuns of books, and there would
> be no way they could possibly get to that many books in a
> two week time period, and a person who would truly enjoy
> proofing a book can't. I understand most folks have
> theirpreferences who does  their books and that too is
> wonderful, but what happens to those who don't have anything
> to proof, can't scan for health reasons and truly want to
> help bookshare grow the library.
> Books just sitting up there in the line, are just sitting
> there.
> Some have choices because they can scan, some of us, don't
> have choices because we have to go with what is up
> there  for us to choose from, then if they all have
> names, and for a month or more, that limits us in what we
> can do for Bookshare, and the point is, to get the books in
> the library quality wise of course, but in a timely manner
> as well.
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>  I am going to give an example of this post and I think
> that there should be something done about this hold business
> so we can get these books off the check out page if and when
> possible. Here's the example and by the way it was submitted
> December 10, 2009 so that is more than two weeks. HOLD FOR
> LINDA F The Shepherd, The Angel, And Walter The Christmas
> Miracle Dog
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