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Yeah all the neat books have a name on them and some have been there 
practically a month and some much longer.
I realize people have a say on their books which is wonderful, some people have 
tuns of books, and there would be no way they could possibly get to that many 
books in a two week time period, and a person who would truly enjoy proofing a 
book can't. I understand most folks have theirpreferences who does  their books 
and that too is wonderful, but what happens to those who don't have anything to 
proof, can't scan for health reasons and truly want to help bookshare grow the 
Books just sitting up there in the line, are just sitting there. 
Some have choices because they can scan, some of us, don't have choices because 
we have to go with what is up there  for us to choose from, then if they all 
have names, and for a month or more, that limits us in what we can do for 
Bookshare, and the point is, to get the books in the library quality wise of 
course, but in a timely manner as well.

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  I am going to give an example of this post and I think that there should be 
something done about this hold business so we can get these books off the check 
out page if and when possible. Here's the example and by the way it was 
submitted December 10, 2009 so that is more than two weeks. HOLD FOR LINDA F 
The Shepherd, The Angel, And Walter The Christmas Miracle Dog

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