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This book has been cleaned up and the only thing is to preserve the word 
chapter. Here's the back cover. 
Behind Harry Strand is a career in American intelligence he wishes he could 
forget and a wife for whom he can't stop mourning. Then Man Song dives into the 
lap pool of his exclusive club and into his life with ai allure he can't 
resist, an extraordinary business proposition he can'' refuse-and a window into 
his greatest nightmare of all. For one day or Mara's VCR, Harry happens to 
watch a surveillance tape of his wife's final, terrifying moments. He sees her 
car forced off the road. He understands only too well who the killers are. And 
now, through a series oi agonizing, chesslike gambits, he will find a way to 
make them pay.


"Thrilling...spicy...intricate, sown with complications that explode like land 
mines when you least expect them

and beautifully written to boot Lindsey keeps readers on

the edge of their seats or makes them sit up in bed."

"Deft... breathless Doubt remains

until the very last sentence."

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