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Hi Kellie,

Umm, that Belgium confection sounds scrumptious!  You made me hungry.
<grin>  If you ever get the recipe will you send it to me?


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As Sarah said, there are several different things that can be called
marzipan. One of them is often found on top of cakes--they're like tiny
sugar sculptures. They're hard and mostly just taste like burnt sugar; they
look pretty but they're not very good to eat.
The other thing called marzipan is harder to describe, but a lot tastier.
<grin> It is something soft with a texture like the outside of a fig Newton,
but it tastes very different. It probably is almond that flavors it. In
Belgium what they called marzipan was this stuff on the outside and inside
was a slightly creamy almondy substance with lots of coconut in it. I liked
it so much I brought two packages home with me to munch and share with
friends, but I think I did more munching than sharing. I've never found
anything like it here, and I would love to have a recipe so I could try
making it myself.

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